Boarding Services

Boarding Services

When you need to be away, it’s nice to know that your pet will be cared for with the best TLC. The boarding kennels at Thompson Animal Medical Center are large, comfortable and sized according to your pet's needs. We provide basic food and bedding. Dogs are personally walked on leash outdoors at least twice daily.
Boarding Policies:

For the health and well being of all the animals in our kennel, we require that:

  • Cats

    • Up-to-date Rabies and Distemper vaccinations

  • Dogs

    • Up-to-date Rabies, Distemper and Kennel Cough vaccinations.

      • Kennel Cough must be administered at least one week prior to boarding.

  • If your pet has fleas, ticks or internal parasites, we will treat him or her and you will be charged for the service in addition to the boarding fee.

  • Medications

    • Must be in their original dispensing container with a veterinary prescription label. We are happy to administer the medications

      • There may be an additional charge for medication administration.


        Vaccine records must be provided prior to boarding. 


Feel free to bring a favorite chew toy or bone, but we will provide bedding and bowls for food and water. 


Our animal caretakers will walk your dog on a leash at least twice daily.  If your dog is not leash trained, please let us know.

In Case of Emergency:

  • Provide an emergency contact number for you or another person authorized to make decisions if you cannot be reached.

  • Should your pet become sick or injured 

    • We will provide essential care necessary to stabilize. We will contact you as soon as possible

    • Any veterinary fees are in addition to daily boarding fees.

Extra Services
Below are some extra services we can perform while your pet is staying with us. 
  • Basic Bath 

    • ​Shampoo with moisturizing Aloe Vera

    • Towel Dried & Heat Lamp

  • Nail Trim

   Boarding Pick-up and

   Drop-off Times:

                     Mon - Fri         8:00 am - 10:30 am

                                               4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


                     Saturday          8:30 am - 10:00 am


                     Sunday*           5:00 pm (Pick-up only)

    * Sunday  pick-up must be pre-arranged

Thompson Animal Medical Center - Veterinary Clinic in La Crosse, WI

To provide the quality care your pet deserves, we ask that you please provide us with the following information prior to boarding:

  • Recent illnesses or injuries

  • Habits that may explain behaviors that we may see

  • What comforts your dog or cat

  • How we can reach you

  • Vaccine records of required vaccines

Grooming Services

Bath Packages
Listed below are our packages for dogs and cats that can be included with boarding services.
If you would like to schedule a grooming package seperate from a boarding reservation, please call us at 608-788-8820 to schedule a drop off time.
  • Dogs (Only available Monday-Friday)

    • Bath Package 1

      • Bath (​Shampoo and conditioner with moisturizing Aloe Vera)

      • Blow Dry & Brush

    • Bath Package 2

      • Bath (oatmeal shampoo and conditioner)

      • Blow Dry & Brush

      • Nail Trim


  • Cats (Only available Monday-Friday)

    • Bath Package 1

      • ​Bath (Oatmeal shampoo & conditioner)

      • Full Body Brush

    • Bath Package 2

      • ​Bath (Oatmeal shampoo & conditioner)

      • Nail Trim

      • Full Body Brush

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