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Emergency Services


Thompson Animal Medical Center has joined forces with Central Animal Hospital and Hillside Animal Hospital to provide after-hours emergency care to ensure that your pets will have continued  access to after-hours emergency care here in the La Crosse area.

Because both Central Animal Hospital and Hillside Animal Hospital are also AAHA accredited veterinary practices, you can expect the same high standard of care at all three of the participating clinics. 


Who do you call?..... 608-788-8820

Call Thompson Animal Medical Center at the regular clinic number for all your pets' medical emergencies; no matter the time of day. If your call is after regular business hours, your call will be directed to our after-hours menu. Please follow the prompts and you will be put in touch with the on-call doctor.


Where do you go?

If your pet's after-hours emergency falls during a Thompson Animal Medical Center day in the rotation, one of our doctors will call and speak with you by phone to arrange a visit with you and your pet at our clinic, which is located at 4540 Mormon Coulee Road in La Crosse.

If your pet's after-hours emergency falls when a doctor from one of the other cooperating practices is responsible for taking call, that doctor will arrange to meet you at the clinic they work from. This will either be Central Animal Hospital, which is located at 840 2nd Avenue South in Onalaska or Hillside Animal Hospital, which is located at W5706 State Highway 33 in La Crosse. 


How do you pay?

The cost of after-hours emergency care will be similar regardless of which clinic is on-call. The three clinics cooperating in this endeavor have only slightly different fee structures, so any cost difference will be negligible.

Payment for your pet's medical emergency will be due at the time of service, and those fees will be payable to the clinic that sees your pet for their emergency visit.


All three clinics accept cash, check, and credit card or debit cards for payment. Additionally, all three clinics accept Care Credit as a payment option.


What happens after your pet's emergency when they are seen at one of the other participating clinics?

Because this is a cooperative agreement between the participating clinics, your pet's follow-up care and all the records of their emergency visit will be electronically transferred back to Thompson Animal Medical Center when the clinic opens on the next business day. These records of their emergency visit will be uploaded into their medical file here at TAMC and will be available for future reference.


If you pet needs rechecks or additional visits as a result of their emergency, those visits will be seen here by your pet's regular veterinarian; regardless of who saw your pet on emergency.

It is important to us that your pets continue to have access to care; even when we are not open, and our colleagues at Central Animal Hospital and Hillside Animal Hospital  agree. Together we are committed to ensuring that we can continue to provide the best care possible when your pet needs it.

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