The Veterinarians

Jean Heyt, DVM


Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dr. Jean was raised in Sparta, Michigan.


Education: Dr. Jean attended Michigan State University for undergraduate school and Michigan State University School of Veterinary Medicine graduating in 1976.

Interests: Dr. Jean enjoys the challenge of surgery, learning new techniques to improve the health of animals. Among her favorite patients are cats, although she enjoys caring for dogs and other animals as well. 


“What I love is the whole human-animal bond and how that connection helps people through hard times.”

Gary Wiegel, DVM


Born and raised in Browntown, Wisconsin near Monroe. 


Education: Dr. Gary’s undergraduate and veterinary education were both at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earning his doctor of veterinary medicine in 1997. 


Interests: Dr. Gary enjoys many aspects of practice, especially the challenge of diagnosing and treating difficult problems. His practice is well-rounded, but includes behavioral issues and care of wildlife and reptiles, as well as other animals.


“I like the challenge of working up and identifying the problems, finding treatment and working with the owner to bring their pet back to health.”

Stephanie Kurth, DVM


Originally from Waukesha, Wisconsin. 

Education: Dr. Steph's undergraduate and veterinary degrees are from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She graduated with a doctorate of veterinary medicine in 2019. 


Interests: Dr. Steph enjoys all aspects of companion animal medicine and has a special interest in wildlife, exotics and zoo animal medicine. 

"The leadership and communication experiences I have obtained as a veterinarian have allowed me to develop and grow my passion for education as a form of empowering the public to make informed decisions regarding animal welfare"

Thompson Animal Medical Center - Veterinary Clinic in La Crosse, WI

Jacob Breaker, DVM


Originally from Hudson, Wisconsin. 

Education: Dr. Jake did his undergraduate and veterinary education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He graduated with a doctorate of veterinary medicine in 2018.

Interests: Dr. Jake enjoys companion animal medicine and especially enjoys working with cats. He has a special interest in dermatology and animal behavior.

I love meeting with clients and their pets. I find it most fulfilling to discuss solutions and plans with families that can have a sustainable, lasting, and positive impact on an animal’s life.”

Support Staff


The support staff at Thompson Animal Medical Center, from the front desk staff who keep track of and schedules your appointments; to the veterinary technicians and assistants who provide supportive care for your pets, are all highly trained individuals dedicated to the health and well-being of your pets.


The Support Staff has received extensive training in health and safety procedures, and are committed to giving your beloved pet the very best of care.

Practice Manager

Kristine H

Veterinary Technicians / Assistants

Cody, CVT

Chelsea, CVT


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